School Counseling Directory

Kimberly Baker, Director of School Counseling, (603)352-0640 x3722

Leslie Swift, Administrative Assistant (603)352-0640 x3776   

Mindy Hill, Administrative Assistant (603)352-0640 x3762

Guidance Office Fax Number: (603) 352-6331

Lisa Bourassa, School Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3724

Charles Hansel, School Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3066

Jason Zecha, School  Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3366

Gregory Croteau, School Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3166

Michele Gates, School Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3567

Cody Lounsbury, Social Worker, (603)352-0640x3914

Kelley Lund, School Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3566

Joseph Langione, Personal Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3979

Jennifer Whitehead, LICSW, MLADC, Student Assistance Counselor, (603)352-0640 x3772

Mandy Fraser, Career and Cooperative Education Coordinator, (603)352-0640 x3437

Counselor Assignments for Students (Alpha Breakdown)