James Logan      (603) 352-0640                        Principal

Mary Striffolino  (603) 352-0640  Ext. 3764     Principal's Administrative Assistant


Keene High School operates with a house system. This allows students, staff and administration the opportunity to 'get to know' each other and best serve the needs of the student. Students are assigned in most cases to an administrative house for their entire stay at Keene High School.

Blue House

Blue House Assistant Principal

Rachael Summe-Leonard (603) 352-0640 ex.3164 Blue House Assistant Principal

Blue House Administrative Assistant

Christine Lane (603) 352-0640 ex.3164 Blue House Administrative Assistant

Green House

Green House Assistant Principal

Alexandra Bond (603) 352-0640 ex.3564 Green House Assistant Principal

Green House Administrative Assistant

Jane Rokes (603) 352-0640 ex.3564 Green House Administrative Assistant


Keene High School Athletics Website

Athletic Director

Michael Atkins (603) 352-0640 ex.3078 Athletic Director
Deb Gallagher (603) 352-0640 ex.3880 Athletics Administrative Assistant

PE and Coaches

Boys - 603-352-0640 x3048

Girls - 603-352-0640 x3049

Cheshire Career Center

Cheshire Career Center Website

Cheshire Career Center Director

Lisa Danley (603) 352-0640 ex.3464 Director Cheshire Career Center

Cheshire Career Center Administrative Assistant

Linda Proulx (603) 352-0640 ex.3464 Cheshire Career Center Administrative Assistant

Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum and Assessment Director

Kelly Budd (603) 352-0640 ex.3750 Director of Curriculum and Assessment


North Campus

"The mission of Keene High School is to cultivate the academic, civic, and social growth of all students to empower them to become contributing members of the global community.”  North Campus fosters a structured, nurturing, and therapeutic learning community.  Through individualized support and high expectations, we facilitate a successful transition into higher education, career, family, and social environments.

 The structure and programming at North Campus provide students with a smaller, less stressful setting that includes small class sizes, the opportunity for individual and group counseling, as well as goal setting that includes academic, behavioral, and career oriented components.  Because North Campus is a program of Keene High School, students are integrated into the classes and social fabric of the Keene High community to the extent that they are comfortable and successful.  Curricular, extra-curricular, and social opportunities are the same as those for all students who attend Keene High School.

The North Campus Schedule is as follows:
7:25-8:07 - Period 1

8:08-8:45 - Period 2

8:50-9:31 - Advisory/I-Time

9:32-10:13 - Period 3

10:14-10:55 - Period 4

10:56-11:42 - Period 5

11:43-12:25 - Period 6

12:25-12:55 - Lunch

12:54-1:36 - Period 7

1:37-2:18 - Period 8


Jernberg, Ellen (603) 352-0640 ex.0 Communications Administrative Assistant

Special Education

Gina Kovacs (603) 352-0640 ex.3467 Special Education Administrative Assistant

Health Office

MaryAnn Boynton (603) 352-0640 ex.3047 Health Office Nurse
Harriet Davenport (603) 352-0640 ex.3046 Health Office Nurse

Main Guidance

Leslie Swift (603) 352-0640 ex.3776 Guidance Administrative Assistant
 Mindy Hill (603 352-0640 ex.3762 Guidance Administrative Assistant

Maintenance Barn

Wendi Pacek (603) 352-0640 ex.3890 SAU Maintenance Administrative Assistant


Ali Manwaring (603) 352-0640 ex.3735 Purchasing Agent


603-352-0640 Extensions - 3745, 3788