Salmagundi Day Schedule - June 13th



  • 8:30 am    All classes called to the gym.   Seniors report to the cafeteria  (MUSIC & VIDEO will be playing as students enter the gym) Seniors enter the gym as a group and sit in the chairs on the floor.   
  •  MUSIC & VIDEO STOP Program begins 
  •  Mr. Logan addresses the students

  •  Mr. Logan calls the top 10 students up on stage for congratulations & clock

  •  MC's call 2018-19  Senior class president (Conor Hill) up and next years 19 - 20                           Class President, MacKenzier McGree up on stage for passing of the gavel 
  • MC's will call up Mrs. Schmidt (last years recipient) on stage for presentation of the OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR awarded by the Class of 1951 
  • MC'S will begin the Yearbook Reveal and the Dedication ceremony 
  • Students will be dismissed back to their block 1 class to get their belongings and on to block 2 immediately (at approximately 9:30 – 9:30 am)         
  • Seniors dismissed to get their yearbooks in the LGIA approximately         

**Underclassmen will get their yearbooks in the LGIA during their lunch period

 New Sales will also be done during lunch.  Books are $75.00 each and will be CASH only sales