Relearning and Reassessment Days

As the end of the semester is coming to a close, please find the end of the semester schedule listed below. Teachers should have already discussed this with your student and will continue to have conversations with them through the end of the semester.

  • End of Semester Schedule
    • January 20 - No School, Dr. Martin Luther King Day
    • January 21 - Regular School Day
    • January 22 - Regular School Day, last day of classes for 1st semester (Quarter 2)
    • January 23 - is for relearning and reassessment
    • January 24 - (early release day) is for relearning and reassessment
    • January 28 - is for relearning and reassessment
      • These days are for students who need to continue to complete work, relearn, and/or reassess.
      • Cheshire Career Center sending school students are required to attend relearning and reassessment days.
      • Teachers will discuss this with students. Only those students who elect or are asked to relearn/reassess need to come to school on January 23rd, 24th, and/or 28th.
      • Students will make arrangements with their teacher(s)
        • Students must attend during their regularly scheduled class time/block to meet with teachers for relearning and reassessment.
        • Year-long classes - Students only attend if they need to relearn/reassess. Teachers will discuss this with students.
        • Students who do not need to attend all of their classes for relearning and reassessment and come to school can go to the cafeteria or library during their free blocks.
        • Buses will be running a regular bus schedule.
    • Jan 27 - Teacher Workshop Day
    • Jan 29 - First Day of Second Semester

If you have questions about whether or not your student should attend for relearning and/or reassessing you are encouraged to reach out to your student’s teachers for more information. 

The Relearning and Reassessment and Early Release schedules are attached below.