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Advanced Pottery

Pottery - 905

1/2 Credit A/B Semester
This is a great course for the hands-on learner and allows students to construct decorative and functional hand built and wheel thrown pottery. Students are taught to understand the clay processes and problem solve technically and creatively. Students will explore three-dimensional designs, shapes, and forms while working with low fire clays. Skills emphasized include hand building, wheel throwing, molding, surface decoration, glazing, and kiln firing.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Art I.
Open to grades 10, 11, 12.
Lab Fee: $20.00

Advanced Pottery - 910

1/2 Credit A/B Semester
Advanced pottery is for students who wish to extend and expand exploration of the concepts and skills learned in Pottery. Building on knowledge of the basic clay properties of low fire clays learned in Pottery, students are able to work independently for longer periods of class time. Students will be instructed to develop, design, and construct more advanced clay projects in hand building, wheel throwing, surface ornamentation, mixed media, glazing, and firing techniques. Students will be able to create aesthetic and functional lifetime pieces in this course. Pottery pieces from this class can be a nice addition to a student’s college admissions portfolio.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Pottery.
Open to grades 11,12.
Lab Fee: $20.00