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KHS Baseball Boosters

President - Rick Zecha
Vice President - Alan Stroshine
Treasurer - Larry Kane

KHS Field Hockey Boosters

President - Moira Croteau,
Vice President - Kristin Targett,
Secretary - Lee Borden,
Treasurer - Dianne Wright,

KHS Football Boosters

President - Steve Corrigan, 603-903-7452 
Treasurer - Diane Langlois, 
Secretary - Emily Weber, 
Director - Matt Berry,

KHS Golf Boosters Club

Secretary - Carrie Bergeron
Treasurer - Nichole Pelkey

Girls Lacrosse

President - Des Hubbard
Vice President - Steve Corrigan
Secretary - Lillian Sutton
Treasurer - Jenna Tattersall
At Large Board Member - Tracy Leslie

KHS Alpine Ski Team Boosters

President - TBD
Vice President - Steve Aug, 207-357-2681 (cell)
Treasurer - Steve Weber, 603-313-6255 (cell)
Secretary - Alison Weber, 603-827-3245 (home)

KHS Girls Basketball Boosters

Attn: Parents of girls Basketball Please send your e-mail address to the Boosters Club asap Thank you very much!

Boys Basketball Boosters

Darcey Zecha: 
Theresa Blaisdell:

Girls Soccer
President: Janet Aug
Vice-President: Lisa Hamelin
Treasurer: Lisa Mitchell
Secretary: Meloney Hayward


KHS Boy's Soccer

President - Mari Fauth,
Vice President - Christine Erunski,
​Treasurer - John Fay,
​Secretary - Laura Thomas,

KHS Boy's Ice Hockey Boosters Club

President - Kaaron Brown,
Vice President - Athena Seger,
Treasurer - Tracy Summers,
Secretary - Becky Russell
At Large - Denise Langevin, Tracey Borden


Girls Hockey Boosters

Jenna Tattersall,

KHS Softball Boosters

Secretary Treasurer - Amy Bartlett

KHS Volleyball Boosters