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Cosmetology Instructor Dawn Lagace
If you enjoy helping others enhance their appearance through cutting and styling their hair, selecting, and applying their makeup, or providing them with a soothing manicure, then you should consider our Cosmetology program. As a Cosmetology student, you will learn the technical, customer service, and entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to successfully prepare you for transitioning into a career in the Cosmetology field. Working in our Blackbird Beauty Salon, you will learn how to apply the art and science of Cosmetology through direct, hands-on learning experiences with real customers!
During the duration of this class, students can participate in several classroom competitions, with the chance to compete at the state level.
But wait, there’s more! Cosmetology students will even become licensed IN the classroom! They receive hours to take to a postsecondary program – over two years they can earn 20% of their postsecondary education time!
You will learn hair care principles, braiding, styling and cutting, manicure and pedicure, OSHA and cosmetology standards, skin and facial care, cosmetics and makeup.
You can earn Work-Based Learning experience, articulated credits with Keene Beauty Academy, Skills USA.
Your career pathways (with additional education and training) include Barber, Hairstylist, Film and Theatre Makeup Specialist, Salon/Studio Owner.
Interested? Contact us at 603-352-0640 or to learn more!
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