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Firefighting Instructor Graham Gitchell
Do you enjoy participating in team-based, physical challenges that require a high degree of self-discipline, communication, and attention to detail? If you do, then sign up for our Firefighting program. As a Firefighting student, your academic and hands-on learning will occur in our station/classroom, where you will develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to successfully prepare you for transitioning into a career in the Firefighting field.
You will learn physical fitness assessment, personal protective equipment, ropes, ladders, tools and hoses, structural and wildland fires emergency response procedures, hazardous materials incident. You can earn NH Fire Academy Firefighter 1, Hazmat and Wildland certifications, and college credits. Your career pathways (with additional education and training) include Firefighter, Municipal Fire Fighting and Prevention Supervisor, Fire Investigator, Forest Fire Inspector and Prevention Specialist, Forestry and Conservation Scientist.
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