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IT – Computer Programming

Have you ever dreamed about designing your own interactive video game or creating an effective and engaging website? If so, register for our Computer Programming class. You will learn the basic principles and concepts of computer program development.
Students who complete the Computer Programming Program at the Cheshire Career Center will take four different programming classes that include Web Design, Visual Basic, C++ and App Design. These courses will prepare them for post-secondary programs in computer programming, software engineering, game design, web design and many other computer-related careers.
Using a variety of programming languages and software development tools, you will create functional business programs such as touch screen point of sale (POS) as well as interactive websites. You will also be challenged to design your own animated computer game as part of the hands-on, project-based, and highly interactive learning experience!
You will learn problem solving and design strategies, data structures and algorithms, Java, C++, Visual Basic, game programming, web design and functionality. You can earn Work Based Learning experience, college credits, industry recognized credentials (HTML, Java, CSS, C/C++), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Membership.
Your career pathways (with additional education and training) include IT Systems Programmer, Interactive Game Developer, Web Developer, Software Application Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Software QA Engineer.
Interested? Contact us at 603-352-0640 or to learn more!