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Clubs and Activities

Each student at Keene High School is encouraged to participate in activities/clubs. Being an active participant in school organizations helps students become acquainted with other students and faculty with similar interests. There are a number of sports teams and over thirty clubs and activities for student participation. Most clubs are open to any KHS student regardless of age or year in school. Club meetings are outlined in the Daily Announcements and posted around the school. Please contact Deb Gallagher X 3778 with any questions.


A Cappella Choir

Advisor – Matthew Leese

Meeting Time/Location - Block 2, Day 2 in Music room



Advisor - Rich Clark
Meeting Time/Location - Various times and locations


Billiards Club

Advisor - John Rokes

Meeting Time/Location - TBA


Cheshire Center Student Homebuilders

Advisor – Brian Heeran

Meeting Time/Location - Room 403

Students enrolled in Construction Trades have the opportunity to participate in meetings and activities of the Southwest NH Home Builders Association. This gives students experience in how a professional business organization functions.


Chinese Club

The Chinese Club meets once a week to explore the Chinese culture through traditional Chinese games and regional Chinese food while learning about the culture. Annually, the club hosts Chinese exchange students for a week at the beginning of the year. They also plan a Chinese New Year Celebration every year with many performances and activities. Biannually, they host a ten-day trip to China and a day trip to Chinatown.


Advisor - Nan Hyde
Meeting Time/Location - Tuesdays - Room 311



Advisor – Matthew Leese

Meeting Time/Location - Day 1, Block 4/Music Room


Class Council

A class council group exists for each class. Students have to be elected into their class council, but any member of their class is welcome to attend meetings. Generally these students help organize the activities for each class, especially events like homecoming, the prom and any other activities that are specific to that class.


Class of 2022

Advisor - Bill Hope, Traci Johnston

Meeting Time/Location - Every Tuesday 3:45 pm, Room 320


Class of 2023 Hayden Patterson, Kaitlyn Jones

Meeting Time/Location – TBD


Class of 2024

Advisor – Zach Anderson, Mary Armstrong

Meeting Time/Location - TBD


Class of 2025

Advisor – Kristian Smith, Kaleigh Smith

Meeting Time/Location - Meet Weekly, Room 315



Culinary Art Club

Advisor - Scott Rogers (CCC)
Meeting Time/Location - Meets on banquet dates


DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America)

These students are enrolled in marketing education or advertisement and recreation management


Advisor - John Luopa (CCC)
Meeting Time/Location - Meets Daily, Competition in February


Destination Imagination

This is a group of students involved in problem solving exercises. They are involved in regional, state and national events


Advisor - Meredith Pancake, Christi Daniels
Meeting Time/Location - Once Each Week, 2 teams meet in the Cafe


Drama Club

The Drama Club is one of the school's largest clubs, which is primarily involved in two productions each year at KHS - a musical in the fall and a play in the spring. The club is active all year.


Drama Club Advisor/Director – Danielle Heeran

Meeting Time/Location - 3rd Weds of each Month in the Auditorium


Drama Club Music Director Fall/Assistant Director Spring - Danielle Heeran


Drama Club Accompanist - Ashley Moore

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Drama Club Choreographer - Kristen Leach

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Drama Club Builder - Charlie Hansel

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Drama Club Set and Design - Jeremy Robarge

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Drama Club Vocal Coach - Jo Jo Mead

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Drama club Lighting and Design - Alex Trombley

Meeting Time/Location - Meet for performance and rehearsals


Edge of Leadership

Advisor - Martha Lavigne
Meeting Time/Location - Meets during iTime/Must apply


Educators Rising (CCC)

Advisor - Jennifer Antosiewiez, Cheryl Lamoureux
Meeting Time/Location - 1st Monday each month during class


Envirothon Team

Envirothon is an academic contest where several students work collaboratively as a team taking written and practical tests dealing with environmental issues.


Advisor - Monica Foley
Meeting Time/Location - Every Other Thursday, Room 104


FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

This club is open to any students enrolled in any Business Education or computer science class.


Advisor - Pat Lagace (CCC)

Meeting Time/Location - Fridays at 3:45, Room 503


FCCLA (Family and Career Community Leaders of America)

These students work to promote personal growth and leadership development through family and consumer sciences education. Students in Early Childhood Education participate in FCCLA.


Advisor - (CCC)

Meeting Time/Location - TBA


FFA (Future Farmers of America)

This is an association of agriculture students interested in the science, business, and technology of agriculture. At the Cheshire Center, students enrolled in Horticulture participate in FFA.


Advisor – Hannah Hibbard (CCC)

Meeting Time/Location – Hort 1


First Robotics

Keene High First Robotics is a year-long club that introduces students to science, technology, engineering, and teamwork. They work with local companies to design and build a robot to solve a problem. In the fall, they work to refine our team and to fundraise for travel to regional and national events. Club members use local events as a showcase to display our robot to the community. The club then works on team building until the kickoff of the next problem in January. The FIRST Robotics Competition challenges teams of students and their mentors to solve a common problem in a six-week timeframe using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from the parts and enter them in a series of competitions.


Advisor - Dean Joyal

Meeting Time/Location - Wednesday Bi-weekly at 3:45, Room 500


French Club

Advisor - Marie-Lise Reilly

Meeting Time/Location - Tuesdays at 3:45, Room 310



Advisor – Chris Barry

Meeting Time/Location – 2x Month, Room 21


HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)

The goal of this group is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the quality of health care to all people. Students in Health Science  Technology classes participate in HOSA.


Advisor - Cathrine Kissell (CCC)

Meeting Time/Location - Weekly



Advisor - Open

Meeting Time/Location - Weekly in Library



Interact is sponsored by the Keene Rotary. Students work on community service projects and raise funds to support local, regional, and international humanitarian projects. Selection for membership is by nomination.


Advisor – Renae O’Neill

Meeting Time/Location - Every Wednesday at 6 pm in LGIA



Advisor - Open

Meeting Time/Location - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 3:45 pm


Jazz Band

Advisor - Rich Clark

Meeting Time/Location - Day 2, Block 3 – Music Room


Junior Lions

The Junior Lions attend weekly luncheon meetings of the local club and assist in their various community projects. Selection for membership is by staff nomination.


Advisor - Jim Fennell

Meeting Time/Location - Four luncheons a year


Key Club

This club is affiliated with the local chapter of the Keene Kiwanis. Members of this club volunteer time for community-based charities and young children’s organizations.


Advisor - Holly Rice, Room 302


Meeting Time/Location - Every Tuesday at 3:45



Advisor – Amy Boyle

Meeting Time/Location – Room 15


Math Team

The Math Team is a group of students who meet on a regular basis the entire school year. The club is designed to challenge students mathematically in competition at the regional and state level. Students are actively engaged in problem solving exercises in the following areas: Arithmetic (puzzle problems), Algebra I & II, Geometry, and Advanced Math.


Advisor - Rob Tiebout, Kaitlyn Taft

Meeting Time/Location - Room 6


Model UN

At Model UN, students step into the shoes of ambassadors of countries that are members of the UN, from Argentina to Zimbabwe. The students, better known as “delegates”, debate current issues on the organization’s vast agenda. They prepare draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure – all in the interest of resolving problems that affect the world.


Advisor – Sarah Downing, Sean O’Mara

Meeting Time/Location – Weekly room 328 at 3:40 pm



Activities to empower, educate all students, and inform them about the diverse cultures within our school community.

Advisor – Jackie-Neath Foster

Meeting Time/Location – Wednesday’s 3:45 in the Library


National Art Honor Society

National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is for students interested in the fine and performing arts. Students have opportunities to: serve as an officer to NAHS members, participate in school and community artistic activities as members, raise money for an art scholarship, participate in various artistic workshops and endeavors spurred on by the membership. Some examples include face painting, The Empty Bowls project, and working with clay, basket making, painting, card making, and book making. To be eligible, a student needs to take one art class per calendar year and maintain a "B" average in that class.


Advisor - Shannon Perry

Meeting Time/Location - Every other Wednesday at 2:20, Room 7


National Honor Society

Advisor – Hayden Patterson

Meeting Time/Location - One Wednesday a Month at 2:20, Room 103


Student Athlete Leadership Council (SALC)

This group promotes athletic leadership in the school.


Advisor - Michael Atkins/Kristian Smith

Meeting Time/Location - Every Friday at 8:10 am, LGIA


Science Club

Advisor - Monica Foley, Susan Romano

Meeting Time/Location - Room 104


Sierra Club

The purpose of this club is to heighten environmental awareness of students at Keene High School. They do a number of volunteer projects such as cleaning up parks and wilderness areas, and taking part in various research being done in the area of environmental science. The club also sponsors Earth Day at the high school in April.


Advisor – Monica Foley, Chelsea Agee

Meeting Time/Location - Every Wednesday at 3:45, Room 106


Shakespeare Club

The Shakespeare Club meets weekly to read, discuss, enjoy, and play with the works of William Shakespeare. Activities include theater games and improv, reading Shakespearean plays, acting out scenes, discussing Shakespeare and his works, making literary jokes, engaging in word play, watching Shakespearean movies, digressing, and having fun.


Advisor - Open

Meeting Time/Location - TBD


Skills USA

This is an organization serving students enrolled in programs of study in high tech and service occupations. Cheshire Center students enrolled in Electronics, Industrial Communications, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Automotive Technology, and Drafting may participate in the club.


Advisor - Dawn Lagace (CCC)

Meeting Time/Location - Every Wednesday at 2:30, Room 402


Spanish Club

Advisor - Erica Caffery

Meeting Time/Location - Every other Thursday, Room 312


Strings Club

Advisor - Open

Meeting Time/Location - TBD


Student Council

Student Council members are elected representatives from each class and who assist in the governance of the school. The student council is involved all year in virtually all aspects of the school.


Advisor - Chelsea Bond

Meeting Time/Location - Weekly at 3:45, Room


Students for a Free Tibet

The purpose of this chapter is to aid the Tibetan people in their struggle for autonomy, freedom, and basic human rights from China through campaigns and other activities. The goal is to raise awareness for the Tibetan cause through education and nonviolent direct action.


Advisor - Open

Meeting Time/Location - TBD


TAG (Teen Advisory Group)

Advisor - Jackie Neath-Foster

Meeting Time/Location - Every Tuesday at 3:45, Library


This is a female student dance troupe.


Advisor – Jen Wilson-Tucker

Meeting Time/Location - Monday and Wednesday at 3:45, Cafe

Video Club

Video Club is an extension of the TV & Film Program offered through the Cheshire Career Center where students can build their skills through real-world experiences such as filming athletic events, Mr. Keene High, the Runway Fashion Show, Nostalgia, Salmagundi, school board meetings, workshops, guest speakers, concerts, and public service announcements for both the City of Keene and local businesses. 


Advisor and Meeting Time/Location - Pending


Vocal Jazz

Advisor – Matthew Leese

Meeting Time/Location - Day 1, Block 2 in Music Room

Wildlife Conservation Club

This club promotes, develops, and teaches awareness of ecological principles related to natural resources. They promote, develop, and teach safe and ethical use of our natural resources. Students work closely with NH Fish and Game Agency to learn about our natural resources, create habitat, remove invasive species, restore natural areas, help with salmon restoration, creel surveys, and tagging fish and animals.


Advisor - Sean Graves

Meeting Time/Location - Every Wednesday 3:45 pm, LGIA


How to Start a Club

There is a formal process to follow in order to begin a recognized club at KHS. Please contact Athletics for official forms and other information if you wish to form a new club.