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Visual and Performing Arts Department

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Visual and Performing Arts courses that Keene High School has to offer. Though not always required for entrance, most colleges recommend to incoming students, whatever their major, that they have a depth of arts experiences while in high school. Visual and Performing Arts courses provide students with many of the skills necessary to be college and career ready, and prepares students for the creative and changing world of our future.

Visual Arts

The art and design courses at Keene High School are designed to develop the creative and aesthetic potential of every student. This course of studies introduces a student to a wide variety of art, design, craft techniques, materials, processes, and expands on those skills as courses progress through the program. Art courses are organized according to a developmental approach, enabling students to pursue art for his/her individual needs. Some students plan to pursue art as a major or minor in a college or university setting, while other students are pursuing art as a life-long interest or hobby.

Performing Arts

Music is an art with intrinsic value and a cultural force capable of elevating the quality of living in the home, the school, and community. Learning music helps the aesthetic, emotional, physical, and social growth of the individual and is adaptable to every age and to every degree of mental and physical development. The music program offers courses in instrumental, choral and general music designed to enhance musical knowledge, skills and appreciation for music.