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Keene High School Graduation Update

Keene High Indoor Graduation Information June 9, 2023

Time and Date

June 9, 2023
6:00 pm, please be seated by 5:50 pm Doors will open at 5:15 pm


Orange tickets (Each student has 4. These are for the live event in the gymnasium)
White tickets (Each student has 6.  These can be used if someone wants to watch the live stream from the  auditorium)
There are additional livestream links to watch from home listed below.


Keene High Gymnasium for live event (orange ticket required)
Keene High Auditorium for livestream of the event (orange or white ticket required)


Front Main lot - reserved for handicapped parking and 1st responders
Graduates please park in Scripture Lot
School lots and Alumni Lot for guests 


Students can use Green House door until 5:15 pm
Doors for guests will open at 5:15 pm
Guests should enter through Main Lobby Door (A1)  or West Lobby Door (B9) 

Livestream Links for the Graduation Ceremony