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Seniors Yearbook Portrait Info

Any senior who would like to submit their own senior portrait for the yearbook please look below for more information.
Images must be submitted before 11/18/22 AND meet all requirements (see below).

Senior Yearbook Recognition Ads

Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for parents, families and friends to commemorate student achievements and important milestones. In addition, revenues from recognition ads help our school to create a better yearbook. The deadline for purchasing parent ads is February 9, 2023.

Keene High School Senior Portrait Information and Yearbook Requirements

All seniors will have their photos taken on school picture day by Geskus Studios. That photo will be used for student IDs and in the yearbook UNLESS an alternative professional photograph meeting the below requirements is submitted by November 18, 2022. All students are required to have their photo taken on picture day or retake day, even if they plan to submit a different photo for the yearbook. It is not a requirement to submit a senior photo for the yearbook. If you do not submit a photo, or your submitted photo does not meet the outlined requirements below, the picture day photo will be used in the yearbook.

Photo Requirements

The KHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse any photo not meeting the following requirements.
Senior Photos submitted to the yearbook must be:
  • Portrait style headshot only, chest up. Examples:
    examples of proper photos
  • No full body portraits
  • No landscape style images
  • The Senior is the ONLY one in the image - no other people or pets
  • No props of any kind
  • No wearing of hats, hoods, or sunglasses
  • No inappropriate words, symbols or images anywhere in the photo
  • No selfies
  • No candid pictures
  • Full color photo only - no B&W or sepia
  • No special effects or filters applied to the image
  • Must be a NEWER photo (taken over the summer to present)
  • No tight cropping - full head to chest needs to be visible and not cut off  
  • Outdoor backgrounds can be used but not suggested

Digital File Format  

  • 300 DPI
  • Min. width - 2.25”
  • Min. height - 3”
  • Full color
  • File format type JPEG or JPG only - no other format accepted

Note - We do not encourage taking prints from your photographer and scanning them. The quality is usually poor. Submit only the digital file provided by the photographer.
Senior Photo Submission Deadline - November 18, 2022
The KHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse a photo not meeting requirements

Submission Process

Upload to Jostens Yearbook Photo Submission website on or before November 18, 2022.
All images MUST BE submitted electronically via the link above. It is the responsibility of the student to upload the portrait. Please include the student’s first and last name in the file name. Please only submit one file per student. We will not accept hard copy prints.

Recommended Photographer

Geskus Studios offers senior portrait sessions.

Helpful Hints

Please take this form with you to your photography session so your photographer knows the requirements.
If your portrait is not submitted by the due date, it CANNOT be accepted or included in the yearbook. - Please plan accordingly!

If you have questions, please email them to our yearbook advisor Danielle Moylan
Senior Photo Submission Deadline - November 18, 2022
The KHS Yearbook reserves the right to refuse a photo not meeting requirements