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AP Art Studies

Advanced Placement Art Studies - 913

1-1/2 Credits - Fall Semester & A/B Spring Semester
AP Art Studies is a course for highly motivated art students who are interested in working at a college-level and pace. AP students work on building quality and breadth in a body of work, they devote time to an artistic concentration, and learn the technical skills of presenting finalized portfolio materials. Students develop an extensive portfolio that is required for the Advanced Placement College Board Exam. A student who receives a 3 or better on the AP Art exam can waive elective credits at most colleges and universities.
NOTE: AP Art Studies is helpful for students interested in pursuing art-related careers. Students use their portfolio in the college admissions process to help them pursue fine arts, all design related fields, film, animation, engineering, architecture, art education, and scholarship opportunities.
Prerequisite: Successfully completion of Art I and Art II with a minimum of a B+ average.
Students are expected to complete an application and attend a brief interview.

Open to grades 11, 12.